Woodoc Deck Dressing (Golden Brown) 5l

Woodoc Deck Dressing (Golden Brown) 5l

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Tinted wood dressing formulated to protect and treat dense wooden decks, such as Balau and Teak, that do not readily accept a conventional sealer. It is ideal for first time treatment and maintenance of these decks.

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Typical Application
• Decks and decking made from dense woods such as Balau and Teak that won’t readily accept a conventional penetrating sealer. Also suitable for rough-sawn wood e.g. wendy houses.

• Penetrates & bonds with the wood forming a flexible surface finish
• Ultra-violet radiation protection in extreme conditions
• Provides excellent UV-protection / water repellence
• Does not crack or flake
• Easy refurbishing – when the surface finish appears dry and dull, merely clean down with Woodoc SteelWool and mineral turpentine before re-applying Woodoc DE