Duram Classic Matt 20 Litres (Pastel Colours)

Duram Classic Matt 20 Litres (Pastel Colours)

R 1,499.95 including VAT

A luxurious, smooth matt wall paint that is washable, scrubbable and stain resistant.


Product Uses

Luxurious, long-lasting wall paint for interior and exterior walls & ceilings.  Ideal for high-wear living areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, passages, offices and commercial spaces.


  • Easy to wash – scrubbable, stain resistant and withstands burnishing.
  • Elegant, long lasting finish.
  • Optimised for colour.
  • Excellent obliteration and colourfast – long lasting colour.
  • Pure acrylic formulation.


This product has a 12 year Quality Guarantee.