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||Important message about your Laughtons Loyalty Card

Important message about your Laughtons Loyalty Card

Dear Laughtons Customer,

Firstly, we wish to thank you for your loyal support of the last few years.  You have been an outstanding customer of Laughtons Hardware for many years.

You would have probably received SMS notifications from the third party company which has been handling our loyalty programme about our exit.

The Directors of Laughtons Hardware have taken a decision to launch our own loyalty programme with more benefits to our loyal customers.  We have been slowly implementing the cross-over but the time has now come for us to change over by mid-August (next month).

We kindly request that you visit us in-store before 15 August in order to transfer the points to our own loyalty system. Regrettably, if we do not transfer your points by this time, you will lose your current balance.

Please do not hesitate to contact Bryn Hunter ( on 021 434 1560 if you have any queries regarding this change over.

We look forward to seeing in you in-store again soon.

Yours sincerely,

Trevor Laughton
Director, Laughtons Hardware

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