If you’re in the mood for a simple yet stylish DIY project, we’ve got you covered with this one. Wooden cutting boards are kitchen necessity, but also make great gifts for loved ones. And all you need for this is a few pieces of wood – cut into the measured sizes – and some of our wood glue of course! Alcolin Ultra Wood Glue is waterproof and safe for indirect food contact, making it the perfect glue for this project. It won’t wash out when you clean the board and it cleans up very easily as it is water-based.

Once you’ve assembled this cutting board, we recommend using olive oil to seal off the wood. You can substitute it with many other types of oil, but olive oil is readily available and one of the healthier oily options. As for caring for the wood over its lifetime; you will need to re-oil it when it starts drying out (approx. once a year depending on use).

Thank you to the team at Alocolin for the fantastic advice and for the details of this awesome project.

What you need

  • Alcolin Ultra Wood Glue
  • Wood offcuts, shaped in 30 x 30mm lengths (cherry wood was used in the pic)

How to do it

  1. Glue the pieces of wood together and clamp overnight.
  2. Trim the sides of the board into neat and straight lines, before sanding off to a smooth finish.
  3. Once completed, oil the chopping board with olive oil, ensuring that all dies are sufficiently covered.