If you’re searching for ideas to combine beauty with functionality, look no further, this is exactly what you need! It provides the perfect balance between functional storage – ideal for small spaces – and a modern yet trendy natural wooden look. Separate them and use them as chairs, or stack them together and use as shelves or dividers between interior spaces.

This build can be done on a budget; with these instructions making three units. If you prefer the all-natural wooden look, then no painting is required. Alternatively, paint them white and match a leg of the ‘tripod frame’ to the other features in your space for a seamless integration with your interior theme. Whatever colour scheme you decide; be sure to have fun and send us pictures of the finished products on Facebook.

Handy tip: You have a maximum of 10 minutes before Alcolin Fast Set Wood Glue dries, so use the time wisely.

Thank you to the team at Alocolin for the fantastic advice and for the details of this awesome project.

What you need

  • Alcolin Fast Set Wood Glue
  • Alcolin Wood filler
  • Two 1800 x 305 x 20mm laminated pine shelves cut into three 305 x 305mm, three 380 x 305mm and three 380 x 285mm pieces.
  • Two 1800 x 22 x 22mm pieces cut into six 263 mm and three 380mm lengths.
  • 40mm screws
  • Paint of choice

How to do it

  1. Glue and screw together the three-sided boxes using Alcolin Fast Set Wood Glue and the three different shelf sizes.
  2. If you are following our look, paint your selection of the 263 x 22 mm pieces in your colour of choice.
  3. Glue and screw together the ‘tripod frame’ using the 263mm and 380mm lengths.
  4. Assemble the frame to the box with the screws and Alcolin Fast Set Wood Glue, and fill in any holes with Alcolin Woodfiller.
  5. Stack the units in any configuration or use each one as a seat.