We’re always on the lookout for new recipes, so recipe stands are quite useful. This little guy will also hold up your tablet if you keep your recipes online.

This build is a little more complicated than our previous ones, but we know you’re up to the task! A little bit of planning to make sure you cut the angles correctly will ensure that the recipe stand doesn’t turn into a wobbly or skew hassle.

Thank you to the team at Alocolin for the fantastic advice and for the details of this awesome project.

What you need

  • Alcolin Cold Glue
  • Alcolin Woodfiller (Pine)
  • A 22 x 44mm plank of pine cut into
  • Two 210mm lengths
    • Two 350mm lengths
    • One 335mm length
  • 6mm bolt and wing nut
  • Nails and 40mm panel pins

How to do it

  1. Glue the two 210mm lengths at right angles to each other. Secure with 40mm panel pins and countersink the nails with a punch.
  2. Saw the top of the two 350mm planks at 10° and place them on either side of the 315mm length. Drill a 6mm hole through the top of all 3 and attach the lengths with the 6mm bolt and wing nut.
  3. Glue the shelf to the outer legs but not the middle one. Fill the nail holes with Alcolin Pine Woodfiller, allow to dry, and sand to a smooth finish.