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Thanks to our friends at Alcolin for the awesome DIY prodjects.  Used with their permission.

1004, 2019

Awesome Plate Rack

By |10th Apr 2019|Categories: DIY Projects|

Not only will you be able to clean up your kitchen by creating this simple masterpiece, but you'll also manage to add some style at the same time. This project can be done in under a few hours - just make sure to have all the plans done and materials purchased beforehand. Thank you to the team at Alocolin for the fantastic advice and for the details of this awesome project. What you need 22 x 22mm planed pine, cut to two 400mm lengths 1 600 x 12mm dowel, cut into sixteen 100mm lengths Alcolin

611, 2018

Rustic Cement Coasters

By |6th Nov 2018|Categories: DIY Projects|

Add some industrial style to your home with these rustic cement coasters. They are a very simple way to add something trendy to your dining room, but will also be great birthday or Christmas presents. Once fully set, they will have high heat and water resistance - perfect for a hot cup of coffee or cold drink. We've used Alcolin Anchoring & Patching cement, as it is easy to use and sets in under 15 minutes. Fully set, it is one of the strongest cements available, and will survive a fall to the ground without breaking in half. Other

210, 2018

Artisanal Recipe Stand

By |2nd Oct 2018|Categories: DIY Projects|

We're always on the lookout for new recipes, so recipe stands are quite useful. This little guy will also hold up your tablet if you keep your recipes online. This build is a little more complicated than our previous ones, but we know you're up to the task! A little bit of planning to make sure you cut the angles correctly will ensure that the recipe stand doesn't turn into a wobbly or skew hassle. Thank you to the team at Alocolin for the fantastic advice and for the details of this awesome project.

209, 2018

Nifty Couch Caddy

By |2nd Sep 2018|Categories: DIY Projects|

Holidays are the perfect time to put your feet up and spend the whole day on the couch. Whether it’s getting immersed in a new series or being captivated by a good book, snacks and drinks are always a welcome addition, and what better way to keep them close with a nifty couch caddy like this. This item can be scaled up or down depending on your needs – if one book at the side isn’t enough then go bigger! But be sure that the inside is long enough to keep it balanced. Handy Tip: Alcolin Fast Set

308, 2018

Multipurpose Stackable Shelves

By |3rd Aug 2018|Categories: DIY Projects|

If you’re searching for ideas to combine beauty with functionality, look no further, this is exactly what you need! It provides the perfect balance between functional storage – ideal for small spaces – and a modern yet trendy natural wooden look. Separate them and use them as chairs, or stack them together and use as shelves or dividers between interior spaces. This build can be done on a budget; with these instructions making three units. If you prefer the all-natural wooden look, then no painting is required. Alternatively, paint them white and match a leg of the ‘tripod

1807, 2018

Make your own bird feeder

By |18th Jul 2018|Categories: DIY Projects|

Birds act as a natural pest control, so here's an easy DIY guide to making your own bird feeder. Alcolin Ultra Wood Glue is strong, waterproof and non-toxic, making it perfect for an outdoor project like this. Summer is around the corner, and what better way to prepare than to bring new life to your outdoor area? Wildlife adds a warm and energetic atmosphere to your outside space, and can be easily attracted with a few simple steps. One of the simplest ways to do this is by creating bird-friendly features in your garden. Bird feeders and baths

106, 2018

Upcycled cutting board

By |1st Jun 2018|Categories: DIY Projects|

If you're in the mood for a simple yet stylish DIY project, we've got you covered with this one. Wooden cutting boards are kitchen necessity, but also make great gifts for loved ones. And all you need for this is a few pieces of wood - cut into the measured sizes - and some of our wood glue of course! Alcolin Ultra Wood Glue is waterproof and safe for indirect food contact, making it the perfect glue for this project. It won't wash out when you clean the board and it cleans up very easily as it is